June 04, 2016

Four Months

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Weight: 11 pounds 11 ounces

Length: 24 inches

Milestones: Little Miss Wren has decided that she loves sitting up, and will strain to get into that position at all costs! She is working on her sitting skills, and can hold herself up for a few seconds before she topples to the side. Wren still isn't too interested in rolling. She has the ability...but seems more content to just roll back and forth, while holding on to her toes for dear life. During tummy time, Wren likes to get up on her knees and rock back and forth. Laughs have become a constant these days, and Wren's giggles are enough to make anyone smile back. Little one has also become really good at grabbing on to anything that comes within reaching distance...especially Mom's hair and necklaces.

Loves: Wren has recently discovered Mommy's electric toothbrush. She loves to grab on, and gets the biggest kick out of it. She also loves Daddy's voice, and will break out into a big grin every time Daddy can be heard...even if he's not in sight. Wren loves being outside, and will go from fussy to content just by stepping out onto the balcony. While she doesn't necessarily love her car seat now, Wren has decided that it is no longer her enemy. She has become quite content in the car and in the stroller, much to Mommy and Daddy's relief! Wren still loves bath time, especially when Mommy takes her out of her bath "seat," and just lets her splash around in the bottom of the tub.

Hates: Wren is a pretty happy little lady, and doesn't have too many "hates" these days. She still "hates" naps, but is generally content, so Mommy and Daddy can't complain too much about her propensity for cat naps. As long as she is sitting up, facing out, has a full tummy, and a clean diaper, she is a happy camper!

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