June 29, 2016

Five Months

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Weight: 13 pounds 8 ounces

Length: 24.5 inches

Milestones: Wren has finally decided that she enjoys rolling over, and has now earned the nickname, "rolly polly." Wren has also learned how to scoot herself around while on her belly, and will turn around in circles. If you place a toy just out of reach, she will turn and scoot until she can get it into her eager little hands. Wren is also getting quite good at holding onto her bottle. If she is hungry, and you bring the bottle into sight, Wren will eagerly grasp at it, and bring it to her mouth. Little one also had her first interaction with solids this month, and from the first bite, has been a champ at the concept of eating. Wren is still working on sitting up, but often face plants when she gets overly excited in the sitting position. Hopefully she will have it down by next month!

Loves: Music! Wren will go from screaming to giggling if you just break out in song. Much like her Daddy, music is the best resource to bring a smile to Wren's face. She especially loves "Man in the Moon," a song that her great-grandma Jesperson used to sing, and "Old McDonald." The horse noise gets a belly laugh every single time. Also like her Daddy, Wren is all about her "toys." Her favorite toy is a frog rattle that gets her arms a-swinging every time she sees it. Unfortunately her little rattle went missing at church last week, so Mom and Dad are on the lookout to bring it back home! Wren also loves her "Jumparoo." She is finally tall enough to sit in the bouncer, and will jump around, giggling away. Wren also LOVES being tickled, and can't catch her breath laughing whenever tickles are being administered.

Hates: Wren HATES a cold bottle, and always has. She will only take her bottles almost scalding hot, and refuses to drink if they are even close to cold. Wren is SUCH a happy little girl, and rarely cries. Only a couple of things bring her to tears, and they include getting "stuck" while on her belly, and whenever Mom leaves her alone and walks out of the room. Otherwise, Wren can usually be found smiling and laughing.

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