July 28, 2016

Six Months

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Weight: 14 pounds 1 ounce

Length: 26.5 inches

Milestones: It seems like the milestones just seem to pile up some months, and this month is definitely one of those. Wren has become a champ at sitting up on her own, although she does still take a tumble now and again. It still gives Mommy a near heart attack every time, but her "falls" have definitely become less violent. She can now catch herself in the middle of a fall, and quickly turns her forward momentum into a crawling position. Not too many face-plants have been happening these days. Wren has also perfected her "crawl" in the last couple of weeks. Although it is not a conventional crawl, she can get from point A to point B very quickly. Mommy likes to call it her "one-legged army crawl," but hey...it works! Wren has also figured out how to get from her belly to the sitting-up position, but is still perfecting that skill. And perhaps Mommy's favorite milestone EVER, Miss Wren has finally started sleeping through the night. Everyone in the Russell household is more rested these days, and life is good!

Loves: Her Minnie Mouse stuffed animal. It was the incentive that got Wren crawling. If her Minnie is in view, she will do everything in her power to get to her. Like Mom and Dad, Wren loves her food. She probably eats more than most babies her age, but still insists on being a tiny little thing. She had a growth spurt from her last Dr.'s appointment, going from the 30th to the 60th percentile for height...but is still hovering around the 10th percentile for weight. Wren's favorite food is butternut squash, and she will down it in no time. Although...if Daddy is feeding her, about half of her food will end up on/in her highchair, or all over Wren's face. Dad likes to say Wren is a "sloppy" eater, but we all know it's Daddy's fault! Wren has also discovered that she LOVES the pool, which is a perfect development for these hot summer months. She'll happily splash around, and giggles when Daddy blows bubbles under the water. Wren also loves any electronic device that lights up, and if Mommy and Daddy aren't careful, their cell phones will end up in her hands, and then her mouth. 

Hates: Beards! In the last month or so. Wren has decided that she hates facial hair. She has two uncles with big, dark beards, and anytime they get close, she gets very concerned, and often starts crying. Wren also hates having her fingernails clipped. She doesn't like being constrained in any way, and having her hands immobile for any length of time results in some irritated grunting...which is why Mommy usually has to clip her nails in stages.

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