September 06, 2016

Seven Months

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Now that Wren is almost eight months old, I suppose it is time to post her seven month stats...

Weight and Length: Who's been a while since this girl has been weighed or measured.

Milestones: Wren has become the champion of army crawling. She still doesn't have any desire to get up on her knees and crawl in the "conventional" way, but Mommy and Daddy have a feeling that her unconventional crawl is just how she plans on doing it until walking takes over. She's fast, and can get anywhere she desires...even if it looks a little comical! Wren has also been working on her "standing" skills. She loves to use Mommy and Daddy (or any person sitting on the ground for that matter) as a personal jungle gym. She likes to crawl to whoever is sitting near, and pull herself up to standing. She is very proud of this new-found ability and gets quite a kick out of her accomplishments. Wren has also (finally!) gotten her first tooth. While her tiny little tooth looks adorable, it can be lethal while nursing, and Mommy misses the days of toothless feedings! 

Loves: To party. Seriously. The joke has always been that Wren is a party animal (since she didn't sleep for the first 48 hours of her life), and it is so true. Wren can be beyond exhausted, but as long as there are people around, she is matter how late it is. It's quite convenient for her like-minded Daddy who also loves a good party. Wren also loves jewelry, especially necklaces (and especially Nana's necklace). It's one of the only times she will hold still...when a necklace is in her hand or in her mouth. Wren has a strange obsession with plastic cups (including Daddy's Big Gulps). If she's handed a cup in a restaurant, she will sit contentedly in her high chair playing with it all through dinner (until she drops it on the ground of course). The only toy Wren needs in the bathtub is the cup that Mommy and Daddy use to rinse her off, but when they try to take it away from her to rinse her hair, WATCH OUT! She starts squirming and grunting (and eventually crying) until Mommy and Daddy give it back. 

Hates: Being dressed, or having her diaper changed. Essentially, Wren hates any activity that keeps her restrained for longer than 10 seconds. Wren especially hates it when Daddy changes/dresses her because he's SO slow. They both get quite frustrated...and Mommy finds Daddy's grunts of frustration quite entertaining. Wren also hates being left alone. If Mommy or Daddy walk out of the room, she immediately gets upset (and the second they walk back in, she is all smiles again). Luckily this only seems to happen if she is really tired or hungry. 

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