October 03, 2016

Eight Months

Time sure is a-flying with this little girl. Graham and I seem to have daily conversations about time and raising a baby. We want time to speed up...for her to get to the age where she's walking and more able to experience the world around her. But at the same time, we want it to slow down so that we can enjoy these precious and fleeting moments of our little one's infancy. So, we have both committed to enjoying every moment and every milestone as it comes.

Weight: 16 pounds

Length: ??

Milestones: Wren has become a climbing fool. She climbs over, up, under, and on everything...no matter how high or seemingly dangerous. She thinks she's invincible, and has given Mommy her fair share of near heart attacks. She also pulls herself up to EVERYTHING (think: fridge, sliding glass door, mommy's legs...the list goes on), and has started "cruising" around the couch. She also seems to think she can walk, and will try to let go and take a step here and there. Wren has also discovered the stairs, and has figured out how to climb them...another milestone that makes Mommy's heart pound. It's time for baby-gates around the Russell household. Wren has also discovered how to "throw" everything, and likes to chuck things out of her car seat...and then get mad when she can't reach them. It's a fun cycle. Not. Another not-so-pleasant, and not-really-a-milestone event that Wren experienced this month was her first cold. It was awful. The doctor thought she might have whooping cough, but luckily it just turned out to be a really nasty cold. Everyone was miserable, and little Miss Wren just wanted snuggles from Mommy for a whole week.

Loves: SeƱor Raton. He's an ugly, plastic rat that her Aunt Rachel bought her. Wren loves to give him "kisses," and chew on his tail. It's weird. But, hey...anything that keeps her happy. Wren also loves to "walk" when someone is holding her hands. She takes huge, running steps and feels quite accomplished with her walking abilities. Wren also loves "real" food. No more purees for her. She just wants to eat whatever Mommy and Daddy are eating, and especially loves bread.

Hates: As always, Wren continues to LOATHE getting dressed and having her diaper changed. She definitely knows how to let Mommy and Daddy know when they've upset her, and will do all in her power to roll away from any diaper change. Daddy likes to tell her that she has, "one heck of an alligator death roll."  

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