November 15, 2016

Nine Months

Motherhood, while immediately fulfilling, was a difficult transition for me.
Before having Wren, I always thought that I would fall into the role naturally and that I would love every exhausting moment of it.
I immediately realized the naiveté of that belief.
It was HARD, and I found myself constantly thinking, "what the heck have I done?" I loved this squawking ball of flesh more than I loved myself, but being a mom was not immediately a fun experience for me. That was hard (and still is hard) to admit. Fulfilling? Yes. Amazing? Absolutely. But fun? Not so much.
It wasn't until Wren got to about six weeks old that I came out of my dark cloud of depression. Then she hit three months, and I finally felt like I could really enjoy this "motherhood thing." By six months, I felt like I had hit my stride, and life was good.
But that was only until Wren hit nine months. Nine months is a whole different story. Nine months is pure, absolute joy. A nine month old Wren has to be the most glorious thing ever created, and if I could freeze her at this age forever, I totally would. And if you were to ask me to describe motherhood now? It would be, "FUN!"

Weight: 16 pounds 6 ounces

Length: 27.5 inches

Oh, where do I begin? Wren loves to wave "hi" and "bye" to everybody. You just have to say the words, and her hand immediately starts flapping away. Walking is also becoming a closer reality. Baby girl pulls herself up to everything, and now "lets go." She can stand on her own for long periods of time, and will take a step or two before falling to her butt. She has also perfected the art of clapping. Mommy or Daddy will say, "good job!" or, "yay!" and Wren will enthusiastically start clapping. Wren has also learned her first "real" words this month. Her very first word was, "dog." Mommy didn't believe it at first, but Wren proved her wrong by excitedly saying "dog" EVERY time Aunt Erin's dog Sunny came near. Within days of that, Wren started to constantly say, "Dad" every time Daddy was in sight. Daddy is her favorite word, which makes a certain someone VERY happy. She also says, "Mama," but usually only when she's upset and wants some loving. The newest word on the list is, "no." She likes to say "no, no, no" while shaking her head, and is really good at letting you know when she doesn't want to do something. She especially loves the word when Mommy is asking her for a kiss. She thinks it's hilarious. Wren also has developed her "pointing" skills and will point at absolutely everything. Accompanied with the pointing is her new-found ability for pushing buttons on EVERYTHING (including Mommy and Daddy's cell phones). Wren is also figuring out how to use her shape-sorter toy. She has the "circle" down, but still struggles with the "star."

Loves: CHICKEN. Who would have thought? I would have figured that fruit would be her favorite food, but nope. She's all about her chicken. Wren would eat chicken at every meal if she could. She also loves to dance. This is also a new milestone, but is better classified as one of her "loves." Every time Daddy starts blasting the music, her little butt starts a-shaking. It's probably the cutest thing Mommy and Daddy have ever seen. Wren also loves to play "peek-a-boo." Mommy will put a blanket over her face and say, "where's Mommy?" Then Wren will quickly crawl over, whip the blanket off Mommy's face, and immediately start giggling. She also loves to put the blanket over her own head, wait until Mommy or Daddy say, "where's Wren?" and then, again, whip it off while laughing away. Wren has also discovered a love for her cousin Evan's rocking horse. It has become her favorite toy, and she would sit on it all day if her Aunt Angelia would let her! Wren also loves being tossed onto the bed/couch by Daddy. He builds up a stack of pillows, and chucks her on top. She thinks it's the greatest thing ever. Mom is not so much of a fan. A not-so-fun "love" of Wren's is hitting. Mommy and Daddy are working on it, but when excited, Wren has taken to smacking whoever's holding her in the face. Hopefully she can be broken of that habit soon!

Hates: Wren has had a bit of a regression with her car seat. It has always been her nemesis, but she's been okay with it for the last few months. In the last couple of weeks, however, she's decided she loathes it again. Luckily she only screams when getting put into her car seat. Once she's strapped in, she usually calms down.

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